The millwork industry as a whole is moving towards customization and personalization. A growing number of customers are offering DIY design options for all ranges of millwork products.

Furthermore, millwork manufacturers expect a rise in sales during the coming years and their success depends on how they adapt new technology in both design and manufacturing. As the demand for product customization increases, CAD platforms such as SolidWorks and Inventor will see a further rise across the furniture manufacturing industry.

Automated tools with native CAD offer benefits in creating custom millwork shop drawings to help manufacturers remain competitive.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about when it comes to custom millwork in relation to furniture manufacturing in both a commercial and residential setting.

Perks of Adopting Custom Millwork

Custom millwork can provide an unmatched level of quality and luxury without breaking the bank. Below are some direct benefits of implementing mass customization for millwork furniture manufacturing:

Early adopters have an advantage

Millwork equipment typically includes huge woodworking machinery and tiny hand tools. CNC equipment is commonly used in millwork production, meaning manufacturers who adopt custom millwork methods a bit early are at an advantage.


Readily available custom furniture designs with millwork drafting allow designers and manufacturers to make easy decisions for part interoperability. This increases design flexibility and can be accommodated to suit any interior. Even manufacturers get a breather as far as tool specificities are concerned. As for customers, they get the maximum benefit to get products tailored to their needs.

Added Value

Millwork has a lot to offer beyond just aesthetics. From transforming the interior place to offering ergonomics for the users, high-quality millwork increases the valuation of the interior space. Millwork components such as moldings, railing & trim work, partition walls, mantle pieces etc. work towards enhancement of space utility.

What Industries Does Custom Millwork Help?

Custom millwork and joinery have the potential to cater to the customers’ precise needs of furniture, decorative, interior and architectural designs. Right from home interiors to retail spaces, healthcare and all the way to industrial furniture, millwork products and joineries play a vital role. Let’s look at some of these industries below:

Custom furniture – home, corporate, industry

Be it a chair, cabinet, or dining furniture, every furniture piece is customized. From the height of the chair or the height of the armrest of the chair, workstation or partition wall, design specifications vary from client to client. Every home and every office will need the furniture suiting their interior and architecture to meet the aesthetics and space planning. This is why you need a custom millwork support for your residential or office furniture.

Commercial Millwork – Healthcare and hospitality industry

Healthcare and hospitality industries are increasingly using millwork and joinery for enhanced maneuvering, better finishes, strength, and aesthetics. For example, using millwork cabinets for all utilities just beside the sink avoids dripping water all over the room. In the case of hospitality, decorative ceilings and reception areas are a brilliant example of how millwork attracts eyes.

Retail furniture industry

The shopping experience that retail stores offers to customers is majorly because of the bespoke joinery and attractive millwork store fixtures. By investing in custom furniture tailored to the store interior, shop owners and architects are essentially attracting more customers. Every piece of the shop-like receptions and display counters grab customers’ attention and make an incredible shopping experience.

Industrial and storage furniture

Industrial and storage furniture needs to be extra strong and organized due to the type of objects it holds. Custom-built millwork cabinets and storage racks makes storage of inventory easy and organized. This way, using custom millwork any industrial or storage setup can run their day to day tasks more efficiently.

Why Should You Invest in Custom Millwork Drafting and Drawings?

Whether you prefer manufacturing custom wood furniture traditionally or planning to adopt new lean methods, millwork drawings play a pivotal role in your manufacturing process.  Here are four reasons why you should invest in 3D models and drawings for successful millwork manufacturing.

Visual Aesthetics

Millwork furniture is closely interlinked with the building architecture. So, to maintain the architectural design essence, manufacturing of each millwork product should be precise and flawless. Even a small excess or shortage in dimensioning, will cause a rippling effect and ultimately rework in manufacturing.

To avoid all these shortfalls on site, shop floor engineers rely on detailed shop drawings that offer greater clarity into design intent. Millwork shop drawings offer a one stop for all products’ manufacturing information.

Expert guidance

When a millwork designer is a part of your team, he/she can go-ahead with engineering as well as architectural concepts to build design that meet custom furniture needs. A millwork shop drawings detailing expert will also provide guidance and right decision making opportunities to avoid mistakes later.

Adding value to your business

While collaborating with manufacturing and architectural companies, using shared files in CAD, offers flexibility in reviewing the details. Further, changes made by one stakeholder can be noted, tracked and reversed if disagreed upon adding value to all decisions.

Benefits of Outsourcing Custom Millwork Services for Wood Furniture Industry

Outsourcing custom millwork design and joinery drafting helps you focus on design development, sales and manufacturing precisely. Other benefits of outsourcing CAD drafting for millwork furniture and joinery manufacturing drawings include:

Better service management

Outsourcing millwork detailing services can help you avail the best in class services from designers specialized across various CAD platforms. The experts can project the right design intent of the overall finished product with instructions for shop floor people.

Workflow and results consistency

An expert millwork drafting service provider will have a system in place that is usually in stages to follow for maximum productivity and easy workflow. It establishes a system that has inputs by the customers, initial sketches, concept models, final drawings and revisions as agreed by both parties. This strategic system approach has proven to be consistent in developing quality millwork drawings and models.

Quality millwork shop drawings

Right from the initial draft of the project to finalizing detailed SolidWorks 2D drafting will be incorporated relatively quickly with multiple quality checks and as per industry standards.

Monetary saving

Besides saving costs on outsourcing custom millwork designs, you can also minimize the materials cost and labor. Outsourcing companies have provisions to engage with them on hourly basis or man-month basis as per your CAD drafting project’s budget and deadlines.

Now is The Time To Invest in Custom Millwork

The rise in demand for custom, functional millwork options for both the residential and commercial spaces is leading to increased expectations from both customers and manufacturers.

For homeowners, custom millwork brings a sense of luxury and attention to detail that is sure to bring both increased functionality and appeal to your home.

For business owners and commercial building owners, custom millwork adds a level of complexity and professionalism not often found in the traditional commercial construction scene.

If you want to learn more about how First American Millwork can help with your custom millwork requests, check out the our services page and set up a time to chat with us about how we can help you create the custom finishings you need.