Custom millwork, or custom woodworking, is a vital part of the construction process. It can be used in many different sectors and has been for years. Many people think that this type of work only applies to high-end homes and other projects where high quality materials are necessary. However, there are many areas where custom millwork is still applicable even when using low-cost materials. These include medical offices, dental offices, corporate interiors, association offices, law offices, restaurants, retail spaces and more!

Let’s take a look at how custom millworking can apply to each of these sectors that we serve:

Medical Offices

One of the most common areas where custom millwork is used in a medical environment is when it comes to patient rooms. The doors, window treatments and cabinets are all built with specific requirements that may include formaldehyde-free materials, moisture resistant materials or other special needs depending on what type of equipment will be stored inside each room. In addition, there are many other pieces of custom millwork that can be found in the medical office sector. These include features like reception counters, conference tables and seating areas for waiting rooms or lobbies.

Dental Offices

Many dental offices are looking for ways to make the space more efficient and also provide an environment that is relaxing. One way they can do this is by using custom millwork pieces like reception counters, cabinets or even chair rails to separate different areas of the office. For example, one particular dentist may want to create a “relaxation zone” where people can sit and wait for their appointment. This may include a bench, lounge chairs or even comfortable seating that allows patients to relax before they enter the care room(s) of the office.

Corporate Interiors

This sector is very broad and can include many different types of companies. However, most are looking to create a professional space for their employees so they do not feel like they are working in the middle of nowhere! Some ways custom millwork can be used here include conference tables or reception counters that give each office an updated look. In addition, many companies are also looking for a way to express their own brand within the office. This may include custom logo enhancements on door panels or other pieces of millwork that is located near reception areas and/or conference rooms.

Association Offices

This sector includes mostly non-profit associations as well as some government facilities. The main issue with this sector is that most are working with budgets that are very small. However, there are some simple ways to include custom millwork in these spaces without breaking the bank! For example, reception counters or conference tables can be made out of lower cost materials but still look high-end by using wood veneers instead of solid hardwood. It all comes from proper design and budget planning!

Law Offices

Many people think that custom millwork is not necessary in law offices because everything should be about “the law”. However, this sector does need to take advantage of certain pieces like reception counters and conference tables. In addition, there are other ways to incorporate woodworking into the design such as walls or even bookcases which can display books behind glass doors. This allows the legal team to make sure their clients feel comfortable and also look professional!


There are numerous ways for eateries to take advantage of utilizing woodworking in their design plans, despite the fact that many people do not consider this industry when it comes to bespoke millwork. They may employ reception counters, for example, or even seating areas that incorporate benches or booths. In addition, many restaurants are also looking to decorate their walls with wood panels which can provide an updated look while still keeping the space clean and professional.

Retail Spaces

Many retail spaces do not know about custom millworking until it is too late! As soon as they realize what options are available, they want to make sure all of their pieces are perfect. For example, retailers may use reception counters or incorporate wood paneling into the design for merchandising purposes. Other popular choices include cabinet displays that show off high-end items like handbags or wallets in a very professional way!

Studio Spaces

Many studio spaces are looking for ways to incorporate their brand into the design of their new office space. This can be done by creating custom millwork pieces that show off your logo in a creative way! For example, companies may use reception counters or even wall panels with glass inserts that showcase images but also include branding on all sides.

Government Facilities

This sector includes schools and other government buildings. Many of the items that are needed may seem like they fall into a more traditional category such as reception counters, conference tables or even wall paneling to create an updated look without breaking the bank! In addition, some companies will also use wooden doors on cabinets which can add more value to the overall design.

Whatever the case may be, custom millwork spans across many sectors and can be used to add a personal touch. In addition, it is important for companies to make sure they are investing in the right pieces which not only look good but also meet their brand standards!

If you need some assistance designing or even talking through your next planned project, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to help!